Convertible Curved Blade Nail Clipper With Loupe

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BrandBrand Kai
DimensionDimension 125 x 41 (mm)
Made InMade In Japan
Package Includes
  • 1 piece nail clipper
3x magnifying lens helps visually impaired people see while cutting. Designed with safety in mind,it allows for precise clipping with a closeup view for those who need to see the details, prevent accidental cutting of the skin. Unique in function, it folds to close and has a builtin nail catcher and nail file to make the job that much easier. This nail clipper is also a nice high end present for a special someone. This one features a top of the line nail clipper. It has hand finished edges and is made of twice tempered stainless steel. An all in one clipper works on both fingernails and toe nails.