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The original inspiration of the Fancy Nails Shop comes from doing nails at home rather than waiting and spending much more money at nail salons. Combining the aim of providing all the latest and comprehensive nail products, helping them find the fun to do nails at home.

Why Shop At Fancy Nails

  • The Fancy Nails Shop’s trend led mix of nail fashion, nail care and nail fun include around 3000 nail products and line of exclusive nail beauty brands.
  • We are sourcing worldwide to bring you the comprehensive and competitive products leading to unique, latest and innovative nail art fashion.
  • We have professional staff dealing with the order, shipping and track along with the self-owned warehouse to ensure the fast dispatch and great shopping experience.

At Fancy Nails Shop we focused on bringing you the best quality products as well as the best reasonable prices along with pleasant online shopping experience. We collect only the genuine, special products from the best source.

Take advantage of our flexible, multi-channel shipping method of free letter, standard parcel and express shipping. Enjoy our free letter shipping for selected products as well as free standard parcel shipping for all orders over $50.